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A Celebration of Polish Songs, Dances, Games, and Customs by Andrea Schafer

This musical journal introduces you to Andrea and Peter Schafer, third generation Polish-Americans, and the heritage they love. My Harvest Home is a heartfelt collection of some of Andrea’s favorite songs, dances, games, sayings, and customs from a variety of regions of Poland — customs that are very much alive in the homes and hearts of Polish-Americans from Chicago to New York to Wisconsin.

The Schafers not only share with you a taste of Poland’s cultural richness, but also give you a springboard to activate your students’ imaginations, to enhance a music, social studies or E.S.L. curriculum, or simply to guide you to a greater appreciation of the heritage of so many Americans.

There is far more to Polish music and dance than the polka! Both Andrea’s and Peter’s home life taught them this early on, and their many trips to their families’ homeland truly opened their eyes and ears.

The Schafers are members of a professional Polish folk dance troupe, that brings Polish music and dance into American life and builds bridges of understanding through presentations of Polish culture. Join them on this wonderful musical journey!

The 8.5″ x 11″ book includes:

Historical and cultural background about Poland and the Polish-American community

Copy-OK Map of Poland

Musical selections for all ages and abilities including Polish, phonetic pronunciation, English translation, Copy-OK musical transcriptions and personal reminiscences

Recipes – widely known and well-loved

Many illustrations by Peter Schafer of traditional Polish paper cutouts

Folk art projects to brighten your environment and create a setting for the music

The professionally-produced audio CD includes:

Every selection in the book

Slowly-spoken pronunciation for every song

Inspiring performances by the Pytlik Brothers Polish Folk Ensemble of Chicago, with singers Diane Busko Bryks, Peter and Andrea Schafer


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