Learning-Time Tunes (CD)


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Energize kids to stretch and grow! You’ll appreciate these valuable concepts that are so essential to a young child’s development.Includes telling time, the color wheel, the alphabet, body identification, safety and manners. Jazz, salsa, calypso, movie theme songs, original songs and more.

AGES: 3 to 6

Song List:

1. Color Wheel Dance

2. Alphabet Stretch

3. Apple Pickin’

4. The Unbirthday Song

5. The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

6. That’s How You Jazz

7. The March Of The Wooden Soldiers

8. Children Of The World

9. Quiet Corner

10. Hip, Hip Hooray

11. Under the Sea

12. Stop! At the Red Light

13. HI Diddle Dee

14. Telling Time

15. Be Our Guest

16. The March Of The Wooden Soldiers

17. Christmas Medley

18. Graduation Day


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