Multi-Cultural Rhythm Stick Fun (CD)


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This CD offers multicultural awareness and rhythmic activities using rhythm sticks. A Kimbo best seller, these authentic folk tunes and songs from around the world set the stage for easy rhythm stick activities. Routines set to a great collection of music from Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Russia, Japan, India, West Africa, China, Mexico, Israel, Greece, Germany and more. Guide with lyrics and instructions.

AGES: 3 to 7

Song List:

1. Ambos a Dos

2. Calypso

3. Piper Piper

4. Zum Gali Gali

5. Children’s Song

6. Hansel & Gretl Polka

7. Espana Cani

8. Waltzing Matilda

9. Daysie

10. Puerto Rican instrumental

11. Caribbean instrumental

12. Israeli instrumental

13. Kourilengay

14. La Cucaracha

15. Show Ha Mo

16. Haru Ga Kita

17. Tarantella

18. Trepak-Nutcracker

19. Tico Tico

20. Alouette

21. Chu Ech On

22. Italian instrumental

23. Russian instrumental


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