Join the Rhythm Band Wagon (CD)


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12 original songs ideal for your school rhythm band. Children hear the rhythm instruments while they read symbols on charts and play along.

Includes 13 Mini-Charts and Guide.

AGES: 5 to 10

Song List:

Piano & Rhythm Instruments – (Slow Tempo):

1. A Walk In The Woods

2. Kangaroo Jump

3. Parrots On Parade

4. March Of The Robots

5. Walking In The Snow

6. Easter Egg Hunt

7. A Trip To The Airport

8. Dance Of The Puppets

9. Ostrich At The Zoo

10. Dance Of The Puppets

11. Indian March

12. On The Tightrope

Piano Only – (Faster Tempo):

13. A Walk In The Woods

14. Kangaroo Jump

15. Parrots On Parade

16. March Of The Robots

17. Walking In The Snow

18. Easter Egg Hunt

19. A Trip To The Airport

20. Dance Of The Puppets

21. Ostrich At The Zoo

22. Dance Of The Dinosaur

23. Indian March

24. On The Tightrope


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