I’ve Got a Song in Baltimore


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Folk Songs of North America and the British Isles

A Supplement to Music for Children by Matthew McCoy

A collection of arrangements of folk songs from North America and the British Isles that were conceived as performance pieces for children’s voices with Orff instrument accompaniment. For teachers new to Orff Schulwerk, suggestions for preparing the instrumental parts are included. Many of the accompaniment patterns are prepared through speech and/or body percussion and then transferred to instruments at a later stage.

A Supplement to Music for Children.


  • Great Big House in New Orleans
  • Sleep, Little One
  • There Was a Pig Went Out to Dig
  • Charlie’s Neat and Charlie’s Sweet
  • ‘Liza Jane
  • Welcome Here
  • Father Grumble
  • The Piper o’ Dundee
  • The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle
  • The Tailor and the Mouse


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