It’s Orff Showtime


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by Konnie Saliba.

A collection of performance pieces especially designed to provide opportunities for creating and performing music. Includes selections for lower elementary students that incorporate instruments and body percussion for special words in speech pieces, songs, games, puppets and improvisations activities. For older students there are more sophisticated rhythmic, vocal and instrumental experiences that can combined to create exciting orchestrations. Songs from the U.S. and other parts of the world.


A Mouse in Our House

A Cricket Names Joe

Piggie Pig

Wake Up

Three Little Monkeys

Jungle Rondo

You Can Do It Too!

Mama Paquita

Stone Pounding

Thank You for the Chris’mus

Months of the Year



Goodbye Girls, I’m Going to Boston

Mister Sun

Happiness Runs

Ain’t That A-Rockin’

Peace Like a River

Wayfaring Stranger

Our Meeting is Over

Safari Song

The Little Train of Dillsbora


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