Introducing B-A-G (CD Only)


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by Don Muro.

Six very easy pieces for the beginning recorder player. The first piece uses only the note B. The second piece uses B and A. The third piece uses A and G. The final three pieces use B, A, G.

Only whole notes, dotted half notes, half notes, and quarter notes are used. In spite of these limitations, the pieces are exciting, delightful and very musical.

"Introducing B-A-G consists of six very easy pieces for the absolute beginner. The first piece uses only a B, then the A is added, and then a piece called "GA-GA" comes in using, you guessed it, only the notes G and A. Finally "Land’s End", uses all three notes. Rhythms are also very elementary. How many ways can we teach BAG on a soprano recorder, year after year, without driving ourselves insane? Recordings such as these are certainly a help. If you need to listen to a classroom full of students blowing away on nothing but a B on a soprano recorder, you might as well use the "Queen B" piece with its lively accompaniment!" American Recorder


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