From Bangkok And Beyond – Thai Children’s Songs, Games, Customs


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by Pornprapit “Ros” Phoasavadi and Patricia Shehan Campbell

Thailand is a vibrant country that embraces its traditions while it revels in change. The bustling capital city, Bangkok, teems with people dressed in brilliant color, hurrying to work in high-rise buildings and small shops. Strains of ancient and modern music spill from doorways, and the enticing aromas of its fabled cuisine waft from street stalls and restaurants. The serene, green rice paddies of the countryside are a contrast to urban waterways filled with floating flower and vegetable vendors who jostle for room to maneuver their loads. Pornprapit Ros Phoasavadi was born into this tapestry of old and new, peaceful and dynamic. Her life has been dedicated to mastering and sharing the music of her homeland, from her favorite children’s game songs and chants to intricate instrumental compositions. This is her gift to you: a peek at Thai music and culture through her own treasured memories.

This collection is appropriate for use with all grade levels, college courses in world music or Asian studies, community outreach programs, libraries, and especially for parents of Thai children.

The book includes:

Copy-OK Children’s songs and game songs, each transcribed with full cultural context, Ros’ reminiscences, game directions and suggestions for extended activities

Numerous Photos

Copy-OK Map of Thailand

Introduction to Thai History and Culture

Introduction to Thai Music and Musical Instruments

Additional Resources and References:

  • Guide to Thai Pronunciation
  • A Thai Folk Tale: Manora and Prince Suthon
  • Common Thai Words and Phrases
  • How to Make a Bamboo or Paper Lai Khat Fan
  • Thai Festivals Around the Year-A Calendar
  • Mouthwatering Recipes from Ros’ Family
  • Links to the MENC National Standards

The Songs:

  • Pleeng Loy Krathong (Full moon song)
  • Pleeng Chaang (Elephant action song)
  • Poong Paang (Fish trap chanting game)
  • Maun Saun Paa (Cloth doll chanting game)
  • Rii Rii Khao Saan (Rice chanting game)
  • Pleeng Wan Koed (Happy Birthday song)
  • Pleeng Voracheed (The Virtuous Brother)
  • Pleeng Khaang Khaaw Kin Klauy (Bats Eating Bananas)
  • Tap Nok (Bird Suite)

The audio CD includes:

  • All songs and instrumentals, performed by Ros and other Thai musicians
  • Slow Pronunciation Guide for each song or chant, with space for repetition
  • Pronunciation of common Thai words and phrases


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