Recorder Soup (Kit w/ CD)


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by M.C. Handel

The kids really love this great collection from M.C. Handel. It brings together five unique recorder features that will put a smile on any student’s face.


Popcorn BAG-this is one of the student’s favorite pieces! What a great way to start the year with B, A, and G.

Ukranian Bell Carol-this creative arrangement cleverly use E, G, A, B, and C to put your beginning players at the center of this favorite carol.

M.C.’s Boogie-M.C. and Paul Jennings teamed up on this one to create a rompin’, stompin’ big band boogie that only requires the use of C, A, G, and E.

Firefly-while this tune is set in a laid-back Latin jazz style, the recorder players never have to play anything harder than quarter notes on the notes G, A, B, C, and D.

Da Da Da Da Da Bomp!-Finish the year with a real rocker that is full of options. It can be performed as a unison tune using G, A, B, C and D, or as a duet that concentrated on high E in the second part.


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