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by Tim Purdum

Creative Sequence is a guide to curriculum and lesson writing based on Orff Schulwerk and the author’s personal experiences and training. It is tied to the National Music Standards.

Creative Sequence helps teachers engage students in a playful and flexible musical Process, while developing the structure to keep track of multiple musical Elements, Media, and Repertoire from day to day and year to year. Rather than a pre-packaged one-size-fits-all approach, Creative Sequence empowers you to create the best curriculum for your particular school, schedule, and students.

"As a new teacher, I relied heavily on written lesson plans in textbooks and other resources. Since exploring the Orff Schulwerk creative process, my teaching has become much more student-centered, hands on, joyful, and effective. The challenge I have discovered is to organize these creative lessons, ideas, and processes into a clear, sequential curriculum. I wrote Creative Sequence to help others fulfill this important task: to take all of the great ideas from workshops, clinics, textbooks, and personal experience and organize it into a meaningful curriculum. It should be helpful to any new or veteran general music teacher who wants to organize or reflect on their organization. It is also aligned with the NAfME National Music Education Standards and 21st century skills."- Tim Purdum


About the Creative Sequence Series

The Importance of Creativity & Active Engagement

Designing a Creative Sequence

The Four Components of the Creative Sequence





Synthesizing, Organizing, and Writing Lesson Plans


Creative Sequence and the NAfME National Standards

Creative Sequence and 21st Century Skills

Moving Forward with Creative Sequence and Your Classroom

Resources and References


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