Circle ‘Round the Zero


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Play Chants & Singing Games of City Children collected by Maureen Kennedy

This classic collection from Maureen Kennedy was first published in 1974. This brand new edition has been revised and edited to present classic children’s songs, games, jump rope chants, and clapping games.

These pieces come directly from children on the playground. Maureen has researched and collected all of these wonderful activities both as a historian and as a music educator. She has preserved them in the written notation exactly as she heard the children play them.

This is a wonderful resource of all elementary teachers.

"A world of rhythm and melody may be going on right in your neighborhood. To tune in on whatís happening, join the children on the playground or sidewalk, and listen. Chances are your local variety of play chants is being sung and clapped to or used as accompaniments to bouncing balls and jump ropes. I learned many of the songs and games in this collection from the children in my school. They sang, danced and played intricate clapping games with great gusto. Wherever children make do with improvised play space, may these songs and rhymes continue to be chanted and the games played." -Maureen Kennedy


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