We are happy to offer you this “What Makes a Wildcat Wild?” lesson plan from Purposeful Pathways 3, by BethAnn Hepburn and Roger Sams, as a free gift from Music Is Elementary. This lesson is appropriate for students who are learning to play recorder and have B A G, low E and low D in their pitch vocabulary. It includes a recorder melodic ostinato and opportunity for recorder improvisation. Click the link below to download the lesson plan.
We will be delivering you video of Roger working with this lesson in four installments, with weekly additions throughout November 2018 and early December 2018. Enjoy!

What Makes A Wildcat Wild Part 2!!!

This is the second installment of “What Makes a Wildcat Wild” from Purposeful Pathways 3 by BethAnn Hepburn and Roger Sams. In this portion of the lesson Roger demonstrates the literacy portion of the lesson using Kodály inspired processes. Check back in the next two weeks. We have two more installments to add to this lesson.

What Makes A Wildcat Wild Part 3!!!


In this segment Roger models the ensemble portion of the lesson, introducing Bass Xylophone and Alto Xylophone ostinati and then a recorder descant. As an extra bonus he shares some information about Studio 49 barred instruments.

What Makes A Wildcat Wild Pt. 4!!!


In this final installment of “What Makes a Wildcat Wild?” Roger takes you through an improvisation structure for beginning recorder players.

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