Yamaha PSR-EW425 Portable Keyboard


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The PSR-EW425 boasts advanced features in an affordable, portable package, great as a starter
instrument but also perfect for more experienced players looking for a unique playing experience who want 76 keys and a great
piano sound. Groove Creator is fully playable with Intro, Section change and Musical Climax and a Quick Sampling function allows
you to add your own content at just the right time!

Key Features
Assignable Knobs allow you to manipulate various effects and parameters on Voices, Styles and more, in real time.
Mega Boost adds +6dB of boosted volume!
• Motion Effect modifies the voices in your performance with Filter, Pitch and Modulation effects while holding the
Motion Effect button.
• Quick Sampling to USB or Internal Memory for instant recall at just the right time!
1/4″ microphone input allows you to connect a microphone so you can sing along while you play, hear your voice
through the instrument’s speakers, and even record your performance to USB audio.
USB to HOST connectivity with MIDI and audio transfer means you only need one cable to connect to your music-
making software.
Style Expansion Memory is on-board storage allowing you to expand your Style library with your choice of custom
Direct Category Access buttons for instantaneous access to the voices and styles you need for the musical genre of
your choice.
Groove Creator with Intro, Section change and Musical Climax gives you real-time control of your own EDM tracks
like a DJ.
• 1/8″ AUX input takes output from a portable music player, iOS device, mixer or computer and uses the instrument’s
speakers to play back the audio.
The USB “TO DEVICE” port allows connection of USB flash drives for storing and recalling data
The XG Lite Voice library is a next-level collection of Voices over the General MIDI (GM) collection, designed for
playing back songs from Yamaha’s extensive XG song library at www.yamahamusicsoft.com.


– Music Rest
– Owner’s Manual


– FC4A
– FC5
– HPH-100
– HPH-150
– HPH-50
– KS-SW100
– L3C


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