Yamaha LP1B 3 Pedal Unit – Black


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3-pedal Unit for Your Yamaha P-121, P-125, and P-515 Pianos

The Yamaha LP1 3-pedal unit is specifically made for your P-121, P-125, and P-515 digital pianos and is a perfect complement to the L125 furniture-style stand. The LP1 attaches to the L125 stand (required), giving you true piano-like pedaling with the traditional soft-sostenuto-sustain pedal arrangement and half-damper functionality. It also puts the pedals in the proper ergonomic position, letting you transition to an acoustic piano seamlessly. Sweetwater’s advice: complete your Yamaha digital piano with the L125 stand and the LP1 3-pedal unit.

Yamaha LP1 3-pedal Unit Features:

  • Designed specifically for the Yamaha P-21, P-125, and P-515 digital piano
  • Adds true piano-like pedaling to your digital piano
  • Traditional soft-sostenuto-sustain pedal arrangement
  • Includes half-damper function
  • Requires the Yamaha L125 furniture-style stand
  • Black



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