Words We Live By, The (Book/CD)


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Creative Songs Teaching Historical Words that Shape Our Lives by Greg Gilpin.

So many words by which we live! The historical, patriotic, inspirational words and wisdom that shape our lives are often taken for granted and sometimes slip from our memory. Their significance and power, though, remain a constant in all we do-giving us courage, reminding us to love and respect those before us and those who will come after us, and nurturing the hope to dream. As you can glean from the Contents below, Greg Gilpin has creatively set to music many of these important ‘words we live by’. This marvelous collection in a variety of musical styles is also a terrific teaching resource for interdisciplinary studies. And, by utilizing the Optional Narrative Script, you may transform this work into a special program or presentation! Complete with reproducible vocal parts and a Performance/Accompaniment CD, this wise investment will serve you, your singers and audiences well for many years to come.


Optional Narrative Script

The Words We Live By

The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States

The New Colossus

That’s the Golden Rule

The Star Spangled Banner

The Pledge of Allegiance

Quotes of My Friend Ben

The Gettysburg Address

Just Like Martin Luther King (I Have a Dream)


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