Wooleycat’s Musical Theater


by Matthew Gollub


This brightly illustrated picture book with audio presents new, innovative twists to ten Mother Goose rhymes. Humpty, Hickory, and a cast of familiar characters resolve their dilemmas with imagination and caring. The authors start each song with a traditional rhyme to familiarize youngsters with the basics first: Jack and Jill, Three Blind Mice, Little Miss Muffet, etc. Then the songs develop the Mother Goose scenarios in fun and unexpected ways. Join a safari in Africa with the three blind mice. Bake mmm! berry pies with Little Miss Muffet. Jump over the moon on a mission for world peace! This delightful package works as a picture book, sing-along songbook, and danceable CD. A perfect gift for ages 2-6, and ideal for teachers of pre-school through 2nd grade.

Film Advisory Board Award for Excellence
Parent’s Choice Gold Award-winning music
Telly Award-winning character and songs
Booksense 76 Top Ten Recommendation


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