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A BoomwhackerÆ Collection That’s Full Of Student Favorites

For the past couple of years, teachers have told us that tunes from Music K-8 that feature BoomwhackersÆ are some of their favorites. These tunes were featured in Vol. 12, and they span a wide variety of styles and moods. This fun-loving collection includes:

Whacky Song – This little ditty is simple, and the lyrics are repetitious and silly, so you could even let your youngest singers join in. The real challenge of the piece is the BoomwhackerÆ performance. There are two parts labeled percussion 1 and percussion 2. Either part can be played by BoomwhackersÆ and/or marimbas, xylos, or any pitched percussion you want to throw in.

Whacky March From The Nutcracker – What a natural for BoomwhackersÆ and kazoos! We took the opening theme of the march from The Nutcracker and added a few touches to make it a better way to feature your young players and their BoomwhackersÆ. Have fun with it any time of year!

Whacky Cha Cha – The song "Whacky Cha Cha" is another simple tune that allows you to use every note of the C scale, giving every player a chance to play. It is also slow and simple enough for you to use as a teaching tool for beginning readers. This is a great way for you to introduce BoomwhackersÆ and get your kids playing quickly.

Boomrocker – This simple piece calls for diatonic BoomwhackersÆ featuring a call and response in which players play a line and an electric guitar "answers" them. No rocket science here – most of the notes are simple quarter notes. But this piece helps students to hear the subdivided beat on the call and response portions.

The Caisson Song – The Army’s theme song is a lot of fun for BoomwhackersÆ with or without vocals. And for extra fun, add some simple movement using the BoomwhackersÆ positioned like rifles are when soldiers drill.

And as a special bonus… Crocodile Guy Skit – This silly skit was inspired by Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. Our "Crocodile Guy" is first introduced by the dramatic "Theme From Crocodile Guy." No doubt one of the easiest tunes you’ve ever had to teach, it has lyrics that involve two words: "Crocodile Guy!" In this case, however, it’s the BoomwhackersÆ that are being hunted! You’ll love it, and it’s a clever way to introduce a part of your performance that includes BoomwhackersÆ.

If you weren’t a Music K-8 subscriber during the year that featured these songs, you won’t want to miss them. They all come with amazing recorded tracks, and the kit includes the right to reproduce as many copies of the music as you need. And these great arrangements work well with any solo instrument, especially Orff and simple keyboard percussion instruments.


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