Warm-ups for Young Voices (Book/CD)


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by Anne Ellsworth and Teresa Jennings

Properly warming up young singers can be tough, especially when you have a limited amount of time with them and when your singers are easily distracted. By popular demand, Anne and Teresa have created a fundamental set of warm-ups designed with these challenges in mind.

Anne Ellsworth is one of the nation’s finest sopranos, and brings to this project her extensive training with top vocal instructors and her background with The San Francisco Opera and many top choral groups. Of course, she is equally at home with jazz and pop stylings, and working with children. She has worked for a number of years now with her sister, Teresa Jennings, to help produce the superb recordings that make Music K-8 magazine and other Plank Road Publishing products so special.

In the studio, where time is at a premium, Teresa and Anne have a unique ability to get children singing energetically and musically no matter what the style of the work. The first few minutes of each session are the key to their success, as they carefully warm-up the singers and establish the mood. In this wonderful set of exercises, they share some of their secrets in a format that is practical, methodical, and pedagogically sound. And as you might expect, they have also included a couple of specially arranged “just for fun” exercises guaranteed to loosen up your singers and help you relax them in the classroom or before a performance when this can be very important.

The Teacher’s Handbook includes all of the warm-ups written out and discussed, along with other helpful warm-up tips from the authors. The special Performance/Accompaniment recording includes a full demonstration of each warm-up, as well as just the accompaniment to free you from the piano or to help you in situations where you don’t have easy access to a piano or other instruments.

This is a product that you will use over and over for many years to come.


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