Twelve Days Of Joyous Instruments, The (Book/CD)


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by Teresa and Paul Jennings.

It is great fun and a unique educational opportunity to gather lots of students together to play in an instrumental ensemble. Many of you enjoyed A Joyous Holiday For Joyous Instruments, so by popular demand, we have created another holiday spectacular that brings together kazoos, BoomwhackersÆ, and a host of favorite classroom instruments.

For this extravaganza, we have taken "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" and adapted the lyrics for each instrument or group of instruments ("… and a partridge in a pear tree" becomes "… and kazoos of red and green"). After each instrument’s mention in the song, there is a short interlude that allows the instrument to play, and it proceeds as the cumulative song we all know and love. As you would expect, it features drums, jingles, rhythm sticks, shakers, triangles, BoomwhackersÆ, kazoos, and more.

To make sure that this works for a wide variety of schools, we offer pages of special instructions for using the instruments, including substitutes, and even options for making your own instruments. The kit also includes a score for the teacher and reproducible parts for singers and instrumentalists. The recorded tracks are really outstanding, featuring a full orchestra playing a clever orchestration by Paul Jennings. This is a work that’s guaranteed to be a favorite of students and audiences alike.


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