TreeWorks EchoTree, 35 Bar


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The EchoTree has a unique tuning beginning with a group of five notes. That group repeats itself 7 times over, each time lower in pitch. The effect is reminiscent of a siren that changes pitch due to the Doppler Effect as it passes you by. Mantle is made of select Black Walnut and each chime is individually hand-tied for unsurpassed quality and durability. You’ve no doubt seen the chimes that hang from plastic clothing ties, and you’ve probably experienced the frustration of finding your bars at the bottom of your case, so it is no surprise to you that the strength of the cord is an important piece of the equation. TreeWorks’ CordLoc� is a select composition of fibers chosen for extreme strength then braided and individually hand-tied to each bar. Every cord is locked and sealed to render it virtually indestructible. But even more than strength is the fact that anything that touches the bar affects the sound. The length of our cord insures that the bars never strike the mantle and every knot is tucked inside the hole on the mantle where it cannot touch the bar and impede the sound.


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