Tataku: The Use of Percussion in Music Therapy (Book/DVD)


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Tataku is a Japanese word that means ìto strike.î The book Tataku: The Use of Percussion in Music Therapy describes what percussion is and what it does as specifically relevant to therapy and wellness. Book materials explore historical, cultural, physical, physiological, musical, technical, clinical, research-based, and experiential perspectives. Each lens builds upon the others, offering an exploration of the underpinnings that make percussion a valuable and practical tool for the field of music therapy.

This book is originally based upon the author’s experiences as a clinician, a performing and studying percussionist, a percussion teacher, and a university educator. Contributing authors add breadth and depth to the material.Contributors include Carolyn Koebel, Kalani, Rex Bacon, Jim Borling, Bob Miller, Kathleen Coleman, Betsey King, and Mike Marcionetti, amongst others.

Early book chapters introduce the reader to commonly used instrumentation; moving through body and vocal percussion, concussion instruments, shakers, scrapers, drums, metal percussion, ambient percussion, and found sound. Each chapter discusses history and culture, common technique, common rhythm play, and ways which instrumentation can be used in therapeutic settings. Common instrumental techniques are further demonstrated on an accompanying DVD. Later chapters discuss percussion as linked to rhythm, movement, sensory awareness, language, self-awareness, and interaction.

Tataku: The Use of Percussion in Music Therapy is an essential resource; made viable for the music therapy clinician, music therapy educator, and student. This book may serve as a university music therapy percussion curriculum and/or as an adjunct to clinical technique courses, as well as a continuous resource for the music therapist.


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