Swingin Easy (Economy Pak of 10 Scores)


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by Don Muro.

Introduces recorder players to the "big band" era. The synthesizer accompaniment uses brass, woodwind, and rhythm section sounds to capture the excitement of this famous swing style. For elementary level recorder players, with two performance options: S, SS. Accompaniment CD is not included in this product.

American Recorder says, "This piece offers young players an ideal opportunity to experience the style of swing, popular in the Big Band era. The entire selection requires seven notes only (low D to second octave D, without F) and is appropriate for elementary players. The piece is written for unison recorders with the Soprano I and II parts dividing in the last twenty measures. The accompaniment is scored realistically to feature brass, woodwinds, and a rhythm section. Syncopation occurs throughout the composition, with "riffs" included to heighten the rhythmic interest. This piece requires several types of articulation. Students perform sustained phrases using whole, dotted half, and half notes, contrasting with quarter and eighth-note staccato passages."


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