Step Lively 3 (Book/CD)


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Singing Games and Primary Dances collected by Marian Rose

The delightful collection of 28 singing games, traditional, and origianal dances appropriate for primary grades will be a big hit in the classroom or at the summer camp. The emphasis is on fun here as the children sing and play their way through a traditional repertoire that will offers children hours of joyful play.

Games/Dances included:

1. Goin’ to Alberta

2. Off to the Rodeo

3. Kindergarten Reel

4. Whishy Washy

5. Old King Glory

6. Bluebird, Bluebird

7. Bow Wow wow

8. Let Me See Your Elephant!

9. I See You

10. Grandma’s Sparrow

11. Down the River

12. Circle Round the Zero

13. Swinging on a Swing

14. Tunnelmania

15. Jump Jim Joe

16. Latt is Todt

17. Scary Hole

18. Shake Shake Shake

19. Pop! Goes the Weasel!

20. Danish Dance of Greeting

21. Sweets o’ May

22. Feder Mikkel

23. Ee Yay Yay

24. Star Dance

25. Fjaskern

26. Gypsy Circle

27. Ah Lovely Meadows


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