Steel Band Jamboree (CD)


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by Frank Leto.

The unique sound of steel drums floats through the air and captivates listeners, young and old alike. Master musician and teacher, Frank Leto, combines pulsating rhythms with catchy easy-to-follow lyrics to add zest to your movement classes.

1. Room to Move (Warm Up)

2. Jumping Jack

3. Here to There

4. Jump, Jump, Jump

5. Doing the Swim

6. Zig Zag

7. Itís Limbo Time

8. Walk Around the Circle

9. Tight Rope

10. Tip Toe

11. Slow Motion (Cool Down)

12. Room to Move (Instrumental)

13. Jumping Jack (Instrumental)

14. Here to There (Instrumental)

15. Doing the Swim (Instrumental)

16. Slow Motion (Instrumental)

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