Steady, Ready, Jump! (CD)


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Preschool Fitness & Fun By Georgiana Stewart.

An exciting quality daily fitness CD created just for the preschooler! Get kids 3-6 years of age moving to fun routines! Flexibility, strength and aerobics from warm-up to cool down. Important benefits include: self-regulatory behavior, sensory integration, improved motor skills, valuable educational concepts, nutrition, the environment, movement, and more!

Song Titles:

1. Steady, Ready, Jump! (Self-regulatory Skills)

2. Warm Up To Work Out (Warm-up Exercises)

3. Stretch Every Day (Flexibility, Days of the Week)

4. Go Green (Aerobic Cheer)

5. Pony Ride (Aerobic, Gross Motor)

6. Hip Hop Hold (Aerobics; Self-control)

7. Paint A Rainbow (Brain-based Moves; Colors)

8. Five Little Crabs (Finger Play)

9. Clap To The Click (Brain-based Moves; Listening Skills)

10. Oats, Peas, Beans (Imaginative Play)

11. Play Outside (Fitness Activities)

12. Walk Your Way To Fitness (Moderate Aerobics)

13. Walking (Instr)

14. Cool Down (Relaxation; Breathing)

15. Quiet Time (Instrumental)


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