Start Smart Songs for 1’s, 2’s, & 3’s (CD)


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Toddler songs are fun, short, and simple. Each song reinforces an important early development skill from one of four important areas of early brain development wiring areas: physical, social-emotional, cognitive and language learning. The activities in the comprehensive guide provide plenty of "practice" opportunities for children to reinforce the skills they need to learn, at the most optimal time in their development. These lively songs are fun, short, and simple. Give your children a healthy and strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Comprehensive guide.

Award Winners!

ï 2006 Early Childhood News Directors’ Choice Award

ï 2006 Dr. Toy’s Best Smart Play/Smart Toy Award

ï 2006 Parents’ Choice Award Approved

Song List:

1. Higglety, Piggety, Pop!

2. Thelma Thumb

3. My Hands On My Head

4. Opposites

5. Where, Oh, Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

6. It’s A Very Simple Dance To Do

Motor Development

7. Little Ants

8. I Wiggle

9. Can You Move With Me?

10. Old Gray Cat

Thinking Skills

11. Rainbow Dancers

12. On the First Day of Summer

13. This Is The Way We Wash Our Face

14. I’m A Little Choo-Choo Train

Social-Emotional Development

15. Good Morning To You

16. If You’re Surprised and You Know It

17. I Can, Can You?

18. Skidamarink

19. This Little Light Of Mine


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