Sleepytime Songs


by Peter Yarrow

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Lullaby and good night. Peter Yarrow’s gentle voice will lull children to sweet dreams with these 12 beautiful and timeless sleepytime songs. It’s the perfect goodnight combination, with a book of lyrics to read aloud before little heads hit the pillow, and a CD providing soft, beautiful accompaniment to quiet the most animated child. Terry Widener’s lovely art captures such iconic nighttime moments as a moon smiling down, a mother rocking her baby, and magical animals flying in the sky.

Parents and kids will enjoy sharing a quiet musical moment together before falling fast asleep.


Included in the book and CD:


All Through the Night  •  Puff, the Magic Dragon  •  Ol’ Blue  •  All the Pretty Little Horses  •  Hush, Little Baby  •  Kum Ba Ya  •  The Water Is Wide  •  Down in the Valley  •  All My Trials  •  On Top of Old Smokey  •  Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot?  •  Brahms Lullaby


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