Shalom Chaveirim


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A Celebration of Jewish and Hebrew Music for Voices and Orff Ensemble

by Robert A. Amchin

Shalom Chaveirim is a collection of elemental arrangements of eighteen songs, canons, and dance melodies from the cultural heritage of Jews throughout the world. Each selection includes an elemental orchestration, translation or transliteration, and teaching suggestions.

A Supplement to Music for Children.


  • Artzah Alinu
  • David Melech
  • Lakova Sheli
  • Heveinu Shalom Aleichem
  • Lo Yisa Goi
  • Sim Shalom
  • V’David Y’feih Einayim
  • Zum Gali Gali
  • S’Vivon
  • Nigun
  • Bim Bom
  • Haida
  • Debka Hora
  • Hashiveinu
  • Hinei Ma Tov
  • Navah Nashirah
  • Hodu Ladonai
  • Shalom Chaveirim


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