Package 1000A w/ Wood Bars


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1000 Package A includes a set of 5 instruments:

  1. AX1000 – Alto Xylophone
  2. AM1000 – Alto Metallophone
  3. SX1000 – Soprano Xylophone
  4. SM1000 – Soprano Metallophone
  5. AGD – Alto Glockenspiel

GT2 – Orff Instrument Stand ***FREE***
KMP-AA – Kinder Mallet Package A ***FREE***

Compact instruments ideal for elementary music education

The instruments of the Series 1000 offer the ideal prerequisites for children’s music education. These instruments are perfect for any setting with limited storage and are great for use in the home.

The compact style of the Series 1000 instruments saves storage space and allows for easy transportation. The unique design also allows the instrument to be played on tables from a sitting or standing position.

The three resonance chambers in the soprano range and six chambers in the alto range ensure balanced quality and sound. These instruments are especially appropriate for school settings.




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