Rhythms On Parade (CD)


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by Hap Palmer.

Celebrate the joys of rhythm with this unique collection of songs. Children explore basic musical concepts through a colorful assortment of playful images. During quiet times children will be entranced as they listen to the whimsical lyrics set to a variety of musical styles; or they can resond actively in a myriad of ways such as clapping, tapping, marching, running and jumping. No special equipment is needed to participate, however, when supplies are available the activities can also be done with rhythm sticks, lummi sticks, and traditional rhythm instruments.

Rhythms on Parade


Jingle Bell Bees

FiveTape Your Sticks

Bean Bag Shake

The Mice Go Marching

Sounds Around the World

Mother Goose Has Rhythmical Rhymes

Kris Kringle’s Jingle Bell Band

Roller Coaster


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