Rhythmically Moving 8 (CD)


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Recordings by Gemini.

Music for students of all ages. Includes suggestions for use with Teaching Movement & Dance: A Sequential Approach to Rhythmic Movement. Can also be used with the Beginning Folk Dance Illustrated video series and all other folk dance books from High/Scope Press as well as the early childhood movement and music publications. Select one or all of these recordings. There is no special order or level of difficulty.

Songs included on Rhythmically Moving 8:Amos Moses, Hora Agadati, Leor Chiyuchech, Bannielou Lambaol, Hot Pretzels, Misirlou-Kritikos, Bulgarian Dance #1, Jessie Polka, Pravo Horo, Ciocarlanul, Ken Yovdu, Vranjanka, Ducec, Korobushka


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