Rhythm Works Rhythm Sets


Rhythm Works 25 pc. Rhythm Set, includes:

2- PT29: Egg Shakers

2-GT16A: Mini Maracas

1-1174: Large 16" Fish Shaped Guiro w/ Striker

2-172 Double: Ago-go

1-TRG 6: 6" Deluxe Triangle

1-TRG 8: 8" Deluxe Triangle

2-10" Pre-tuned Hand Drum

2-12" Pre-tuned Hand Drum

4-3566: Cluster Bells

2-3458: Wood Block w/ Mallet

2-3708: Brass Stamped Finger Cymbals

2-4963: Traditional Claves

2-J121: Clave Companion

1-RWBAG35: Zippered Carrying Bag

Rhythm Works 15 pc. Rhythm Set, includes:

2-PT29: Egg Shakers

1-GT16A: Mini Maracas

1-1174B: Small 8" Fish Shaped Guiro w/ Striker

1-TRG6: 6" Deluxe Triangle

1-HD-8508-00: 8" Pre-tuned Hand Drum

1-HD-8510-00: 10" Pre-tuned Hand Drum

1-3566: Cluster Bell

1-3458: Wood Block w/ Mallet

1-3461: Twin Tone Block

2-4963: Traditional Claves

2-J121: Clave Companion

1-RWBAG25: Zippered Carrying Bag


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15 pc. set, 25 pc. set


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