World Music Drumming Package for 30 Students


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Remo’s World Drumming Package A has instruments for 30 students and includes: Teacher Handbook, DVD, Student Worksheets and:

4- Tubano 10″ Tunable

7- Tubano 12″ Tunable

4- Tubano 14″ Tunable

1- Djembe 14″ Tunable

2- Talking Drum

2- Talking Drum Mallet

3- Bahia Buffalo Drum 16″ Pretuned

2- Pretuned Bongos

10-Crown Percussion Mini Maracas

3- Guiro

3- Claves

3- Maracas

1- Gangokui Medium

1- Gangokui Large

2- Shekere (Axaste)

2- Small Acousti-Blox

1- Standing Ngoma, 40″

1- World Music Drumming Teacher Book by Dr. Will Schmid

1- World Music Drumming Student Book

1- World Music Drumming DVD


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