Process and Play



Using Barred Percussion to Develop Musical Skills 
By Brian Hiller and Don Dupont
Book and CD ROM
Grades K-5

Don Dupont and Brian Hiller share some of their tried-and-true lessons for each grade level in this versatile collection of ideas. These 12 lessons were gathered from their lessons in Activate! magazine. Each lesson has suggested grade levels, target concept, National Core Arts Standard(s) used, teaching directions and extension ideas. A data CD has scores and visuals. Your students will learn through making music, and you will have all the visual aids, printable music, and teaching strategies you need to implement each lesson successfully.

Lucy Locket
Turkey, Turkey
Suzume no Gakko
Little Red Hen

Little Drops of Water
Fossils from Carnival of the Animals
Ducks in the Millpond
Feel the Beat!
My Name Is

You Ask a Question
Jim Along, Josie
Ring Out the Old


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