Orffestrations Around The World 2


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by Linda Forrest.

Set II of this ethnically enriching classic in the extremely popular Orffestrations Series features songs from South Africa, Israel, France, Australia, Bahamas, China, Canada, U.S.A., and songs of the Chippewa and Navaho Indians, creatively arranged for Unison/Two-part voices and a variety of Orff instruments. Employing a variety of styles, they range from easy to moderately challenging. Some suggestions for creative movement are also included. A must for your classroom and music library!


Engine, Engine, Number Nine (USA)

Wimoweh (S. Africa)

I Walk in Beauty (Navaho Indian)

Zum Gali Gali (Israel)

French Cathedrals (France)

Kookaburra (Australia)

Chinese Blossoms (China)

The John B. Sails (Bahama Islands)

Land of the Silver Birch (Canada/Chippewa Indian)


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