Once a Round


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Fifteen Rounds for Young Voices by Kerri Lynn Nichols

This is a collection of fifteen original rounds for beginning and intermediate voices written and arranged by Kerri Lynn Nichols. Covering themes from the "A-B-C’s" to "Let Your Voice Be Heard", melodies in various styles are arranged a Capella, with Orff settings or piano/guitar accompaniments. The book includes several suggestions for creatively working with rounds to enhance any musical experience. Enjoy these rounds, sure to make you giggle or shed a tear.


Rounds for Beginning Voices:

A, B, C…1, 2, 3!


Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes

The Penny Luck Song

Sailing Away

Wee Willie Winkie Canon

Rounds for Intermediate Voices:

Let Your Voice Be Heard

New Year Canon

Once Around

Sing a New Song

The Stupid Round

Take Time Each Day

Walk the Journey

Welcome to Another Day

Winter Now Has Come to Stay


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