Old Favorites for Recorder (Kit w/ CD)


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Over the years, M.C. Handel has selected many old favorite songs to adapt for young players. With the help of distinctive arrangements and orchestrations by Paul Jennings, these have become very popular with the Music K-8 magazine subscribers and their students.

This great new collection includes the following:

Wade In The Water – We’ve added big band brass to a funky rock setting of this rhythmic spiritual. Your students will feel like they’re playing with the pros using low E, G, A, B, D, and high E. You can use the tracks to let your players try some pentatonic improvisation, and the divisi notes at the end are optional.

Arirang – This richly orchestrated setting of the best known Korean folk song uses the recorder notes D, E, G, A, B, and high D. We have recorded this arrangement at two different tempos. The faster version sounds best, but it may be a little fast for some students, so we give you the tracks in both tempos.

When Johnny Comes Marching Home – Dating back to the Civil War, this arrangement features a small orchestra reminiscent of the era. The tempo is slower for young players, and is set in 3/4 rather than the original 6/8.

Red River Valley – A favorite at campfires for more than a century, this setting features a second part and a vocal part for extra flexibility.

When The Saints Go Marching In – Celebrate New Orleans with this spirited Dixieland classic. The authentic background tracks make this a superb way to play in this early jazz style, and your students only need G, A, B, C, and D.

O, How Lovely Is The Evening – Though this beautiful, traditional piece was arranged as a 3-part round for recorders, we decided to include lyrics and a recording with a vocal performance for maximum flexibility.


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