Nuts and Bolts and Monkey Wrenches


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A Toolbox Full of Found Sounds by Cathy Blair.

A quick trip to your local hardware store (or the workshops, tool sheds or basements of a few parents) and you’ll have all the "instruments" you need to perform the pieces in "Nuts and Bolts and Monkey Wrenches," the third in a series of best-selling found-sounds collections by the always-imaginative Cathy Blair. Employing what else but nuts and bolts and wrenches (monkey not required), along with washers, paint cans and rollers, hammers, Velcro, garden hose, and more, the rhythmic nature of this music will help build your students’ sense of steady beat and improve their counting skills. Most of the pieces can be taught by rote, and a CD with optional accompaniment recordings as well as several performance models is included. No matter your budget highs or Lowe’s, this TrueValue will be the Ace up your sleeve in the classroom or on the concert stage!

Grades 4-7.


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