Music a la Cart


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by Toni Jove, Susan Ahmad, Alexandra Burton, Myra McCurry, Myra Wheat, Kristina Whitley, and Ann Crouch.

For all those teachers who find themselves without a permanent classroom, moving instruments and books and manipulatives and countless other items from room to room on a cart, fear not! "Music ‡ la Cart," written by seven Atlanta-area ‡ la cart teachers, will help you tailor your cart teaching to incorporate the most wonderful aspects of music classroom instruction. In addition to offering options for cart choices, it presents strategies for everything from streamlining the loading and unloading process to adapting Orff and Kod·ly techniques for a cart to incorporating technology into your lesson plans. With reproducible checklists and classroom diagrams and numerous fully realized lesson plans, "Music ‡ la Cart" has everything a teacher new to a cart could want and plenty to help inspire the veterans to think outside the cart.


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