Melodies from the Far East


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arranged by Marilyn Copeland Davidson.

These folk songs from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Laos are arranged for unison and two part soprano recorder and voice, with accompaniment for Orff and other small percussion instruments. These easy arrangements are ideal for low intermediate players.


Honorable Bear (Kuma San) Japan

Come Firefly (Hotaru Koi) Japan

The Dew is Dry at Midday (Seba Alaso Trodjie) Tibet

The Water Wheel (Mizuguruma) Japan

Frog (I Chih Ha Ma) China

Ahrirang (Ahrirang) Korea

A-Li Mountain’s Dancing Song (Gao Shan Ching) Tawain

Music for a Thousand Autumns (Chien Chiou Yin Yueh) China

Cherry Trees (Sakura) Japan

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