Mel-O-Dee Balls

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A fun and easy way to introduce children to music at home or in the classroom! Mel-O-Dee Balls™ are an accurately tuned, C to C, 8 ball set, individually colored and note marked, so that virtually anyone can learn to play. Each set contains sound-to-color music, with songs familiar to everyone. Mel-O-Dee Balls™ come packaged in a colorful display carton. Rated for 3+.

1 review for Mel-O-Dee Balls

  1. Alphonse Buclay, General Music Educator (verified owner)

    These are great to supplement any lessons with boom whackers and provide differentiated materials. My only gripe with these is quality control. At least 1 of the balls from each set did not work. It appears that the metal “reed” will not make noise if it is not completely flush to the plastic. I bought 6 sets and about 8 of the balls simply don’t make noise. I will be attempting to fix these myself.

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