Manage Your Stress and Pain through Music (Book/CD)


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by Susan E. Mandel, Ph.d., MT-BC and Suzanne B. Hanser, Ed.D., MT-BC.

Heal your body, mind, and spirit using the profound power found in music. This research-based approach to wellness will help you to feel better. Learn to use music to manage your stress and reduce your physical suffering, whether due to the everyday stresses of life or emotional and physical pain. Dr. Hanser and Dr. Mandel share uniquely effective music therapy strategies, learned from many years of research, clinical practice, and personal experience. The accompanying CD provides musical selections with guided relaxation and imagery to enhance your well being.

You will learn how to:

Prepare yourself to cope with stressful and painful situations

Feel better, using music in research-based, scientific approaches to wellness that can complement and improve your medical care

Recognize the mechanisms and manifestations of pain and stress, and identify how music can be used to alleviate symptoms


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