Mallet Madness Strikes Again! Interactive – Promethean Ed. w/ Po


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Mallet Madness Strikes Again! Interactive – Promethean Edition with PowerPoint:Companion Whiteboard Lessons and Digital Visuals by Artie Almeida (Composer).

Grades 2ñ6 ï We’ve seen what you’ve been up to, and we like it! All of you "Mallet Madness" devotees have been toiling away to create presentations and visuals that are as strikingly fun and creative as "Mallet Madness" and "Mallet Madness Strikes Again!" We think that’s a great idea and are pleased to bring you the interactive whiteboard versions of many of the lessons from these favorite resources. Choose between Promethean or SMART software, and the rest is done for you. The whiteboard applications bring the original lessons to life through the use of colorful visuals and interactive tutorials and quizzes not found in the print edition. Don’t have an interactive whiteboard? A PowerPoint version is provided with both editions, so pick the version that you hope to have someday, and until then you can use the slide-show lessons to enhance your "Mallet Madness" experience.


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