Kids Make Music! Twos & Threes! (Book/CD)


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by Lynn Kleiner.

This wonderful book allows Moms and Dads to help develop musical skills in their 2-3-year olds while sharing special time with their children! Lynn Kleiner, master educator, has written about 30 songs and activities that are fun and easy to do at home or in a learning center classroom environment. Many photographs are included that explain the lessons at a glance.

Song List:

Bell Horses

Big Bear


The Colors are Gliding

Colors Around Us

Come and Play the Tambourine

Come, My Friends

Come to the Farm

Five Little Triangles

The Fire Truck

Hello (Echo) Song

Jack in the Box

Jig Jog

Little Clown

Little Horses

Little Shoemaker



The Old Gray Cat

On My Trip to the Mountains

Owl Song/Who Are You?

Percussion Family

Shake and Stop

Silly Sam

Somebody’s Knockin’


Stormy Day

Two Little Sausages

Up So High

When Sheep Get Up in the Morning

Who’s That?


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