Joyous Holiday for Joyous Instruments, A (Book/CD)


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For BoomwhackersÆ, Kazoos, and Other Joyous Instruments by Paul and Teresa Jennings.

Wow! What fun! Here’s a unique arrangement that is destined to provide tons of enjoyment for young performers and their audiences this holiday season. Paul and Teresa are known for their creative instrumental settings, and they have created real magic with this rollicking medley that pieces together snippets of seasonal favorites in ways that constantly surprise and delight. If you have experienced "Eine Kleine Kazoo Musik" and their many BoomwhackerÆ arrangements, you know what we mean. This concoction includes "Jingle Bells," "Up On The Housetop," "Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers," "Deck The Halls," and a big, Tchaikovsky-like ending that is full of fun.

Versatile! While this work can be successfully performed with just one class, it is a great way to feature a larger number of children playing BoomwhackersÆ, kazoos, and an array of classroom percussion. The recorded tracks make this very special, featuring full orchestra and much more. There are three different versions of the recording: one with full performance, one with just the orchestra, and one with orchestra and some of the percussion tracks included.

Full of Ideas! This terrific kit includes a "Conductor’s Score," and separate parts for BoomwhackersÆ, and three percussion parts (each of which has a line for kazoos so that players who only play for a while can also play kazoo). It comes with full rights to reproduce, perform, and use as many times as you need, and it includes a high-quality Performance/Accompaniment recording. There are a number of options for using alternative percussion instruments, such as homemade instruments, and there are suggestions for staging that will make this a memorable highlight in any winter performance. The notes are detailed and include some great visual ideas.


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