Jazz Fly 3: The Caribbean Sea


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An international cruise ship provides the backdrop for French- and Spanish-speaking insects to swap musical phrases. During the voyage, the lovesick Captain Cockroach leaves the helm, and pirate crabs, drawn to the buffet, invade. When tropical winds smash the ship against shoals, The Jazz Bugs must help panicked passengers disembark. But after passengers paddle to safety in lifeboats, the Jazz Bugs wind up separated—and lost at sea. Which sea creatures will test the musicians’ ingenuity, and why must the Fly count to seven in French? Slightly longer and more musically varied than the award-winning Jazz Fly and Jazz Fly 2, this book will keep young listeners moving with authentic Afro-Caribbean grooves.


It’s official. Jazz Fly 3: The Caribbean Sea just picked up its THIRD award, a Benjamin Franklin Award for excellence in publishing!!!


Watch Matthew Gollub’s acceptance speech here:


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