I Am the Song (CD)


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by Kerri Lynn Nichols

This compact disc for children and families includes 22 original songs and arrangements in a variety of styles created and performed by Kerri Lynn Nichols. Selected pieces from her collections for children are included with full orchestrations and are appropriately scored for children to sing and play. Ten instrumental pieces can be used for creative dance, creative writing, visual art or listening activities. The songs center around themes of peace, light, empowerment, nature and joy.

Includes suggestions for using the CD.


1. Can You Feel the Happy Rhythm?

2. Samba

3. Listen to the Rain

4. Melody

5. Tribute to Theodore Geisel

6. Journey to the Moon

7. The Lucky Song

8. Sticky Finger Suite (Ma-Ching)

9. Sticky Finger Suite (Hadmatter)

10. Sticky Finger Suite (Metronome)

11. Sticky Finger Suite (Meticulous)

12. Sticky Finger Suite (Motet)

13. Walkin’ Now in Beauty

14. Sansa Kroma

15. I Am the Song

16. Music Is Our Common Ground

17. Waltz of the Toys

18. Leaves That Fall

19. Shine Your Light

20. Everybody Needs a Drum

21. Follow Me, Moon

22. I Am Powerful (Mantra)


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