Here and Now (Book/CD)

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Imaginative Settings for Soprano Recorder

by Judith Thomas-Solomon and Christopher J. Thomas.

“Here and Now” is the sequel to “Three to Get Ready” and continues to claim it is a very good thing to appreciate the immediate “now” of recorder learning. The authors believe that early recorder experiences must be musical at all stages, and celebrated at every phase — from the very first note to the first five notes, and onward! Thus it is the intent in this volume, that young “musical caterpillars” playing the new “B-A-G-E-D” range, will be making beautiful, memorable music “Here and Now.”

The inventive accompaniments, as with the the previous “Three to Get Ready,” take students through an array of folk and composed pieces in different meters and modes, moods and styles, intended to instruct, delight, motivate, and further solidify soprano recorder skills. Orff Schulwerk activities such as singing, movement, and improvisation are laced throughout the lessons, and student sheets are included to parallel written notation skills appropriate for third grade on. CD recording routines and teaching suggestions guide the teacher through different ways of presenting the materials.


1. New “E” Stampie

Introduction of E; review of G

Estampie: composed/adapted version of 14c dance

Authentic sampled Medieval instruments

2. “BE” Happy Rag

Application of fast “B-E” combination

Joplinesque rag style; opportunity to improvise on G

Movement improvisation

3. Reggae Ride for Four

Application of B-A-G-E pattern

Reggae-style movement improvisation

4. Hammer Ring (American Southern work song)

Application of A-G-E pattern

Reading opportunity – incomplete minor pentatonic

Movement improvisation

5. Wild Dance (instrumental dance)

Reinforcement of B-A-G-E. allegro

Hungarian instrumental colors

Grapevine step – minor pentatonic

6. Wisdom (proverb from Zimbabwe: Song/Recorder Setting)

6/8 meter in speech and A-G-E pattern

Movement with the djembe drum and mbira

7. Waltz for D

Introduction of “D”, a variation of “Waltz for A” found in Three to Get Ready

New rhythm: dotted quarter/eighth

Experience reading 3/4 meter and movement in 3|

8. Whistlin’ in the Dark (instrumental piece)

Application of “D”

Movement improvisation swing style

Recorder improvisation on B-A-G-E-D

9. Follow Your Dreams (Skyeboat song adapted)

Application of dotted rhythm learned earlier

Reinforcement of B-A-G-E-D

Theme song for “Everything Good Takes Time” musical

Reinforcement of reading

10. River Mist (Instrumental study)

Practice for intervals D B A and ABD for later song

Glide, float, press movement applications

11. Cotton Eyed Joe (American folksong)

Reading reinforcement

Application of B-D interval

Recorder and song duet

12. Funky Five (instrumental piece)

Reading reinforcement

Application of B-A-G-E-D in rock style

Funky dancing

13. This Little Light of Mine (Gospel)

Application of B-A-G-E-D in Gospel style, playing and singing

Reading reinforcement

Movement improvisation


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