Give Me Five! (Economy Pak of 10 Scores)


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]by Don Muro.

A new companion piece for Don Muro’s highly successful EASY 8. The score contains five add-a-note pieces for the beginning recorder player. The first piece starts with the note B. Each new piece adds another note in the following order: A, G, E, and D. The dynamic accompaniments showcase Muro’s attention to detail and musicality. The CD contains accompaniments as well as demonstration performances. Suitable for classroom and/or performance.

American Recorder Magazine says, "Give Me 5! is the latest of Muro’s add-a-note compositions, this time with only five pieces and five notes – B, A, G, E, and D. These simple melodies can easily be taught by rote, two measures, then four measures at a time. Thus the students become aware of the phrasing and form. Then, as in the "call/response" suggestions in "Eight More Easy 8 Songs", the group can be divided to alternate phrases as questions and answers. Muro’s up-to-date synthesized accompaniments, particularly those with a steady rock beat, are just the ticket for today’s young recorder students!"


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