Get Up and MOVE (Book/CD)


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by Teresa Jennings, John Riggio, and Paul Jennings.

Over the years, our writers at Music K-8 magazine have created many unique songs designed for movement in the music classroom. This new collection features some of the most imaginative tunes from recent years. These are songs that you will come back to time and time again. It includes:

Get Up, Get Up, Get Up! – Brassy and energetic, this tune is a great way to get your kids on their feet and moving. Suggestions for body percussion are included.

Amoeba Drill – Here’s the perfect way to teach self-control… and let your singers blow off a lot of steam. Listen to the excerpt below, and you’ll see why!

The Body Boogie – Great for even your youngest singers, this tune promotes good health and self-awareness.

Stand Up – Simple but very lively, this cool tune will have your kids moving, thinking, and laughing a lot.

Here We Go Looby Loo – Burn up all of that excess energy with this great setting of the old favorite, perfect for circle movement.

A Beat In My Feet – Get your kids marching with this infectious tune, and when they aren’t moving, they will enjoy playing the kazoo!

Classical Wave – What started as a round with movement evolved into a round whose movement happens to also be the “wave.” And as it becomes a round, the wave flows from group to group. What fun!

Can You? – Your kids are going to like this one. Energetic Latin rock invites them to perform actions and make sounds, some of them quite silly.

Freeze! – The concept is simple, and the kids can’t get enough of it. Move and groove until you hear “freeze!” Cool.


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